Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Could today be the day??

I had my OBGYN appointment this morning and immediately wondered if something was up when I realized I'd put on 5 lbs in a week and my blood pressure was up to 149/82. Dr. B. came in and verbalized a concern for preeclampsia because in addition to that, I had protein in my urine. Then she measured my stomach. Should be 37 cm (since I'm 37 weeks today). I measured 42 cm. No wonder my pants don't fit and my belly hangs below my shirt--not one of my better looks. I was 3 cm dilated and 80% effaced. She thought my ankles were more swollen than usual, but I assured her that they are ALWAYS this swollen. I told her about the sharp pains in my upper abdomen--like needles. She had the nurse take my blood pressure again. It was up to 155/83. Since I already have an appointment scheduled today at 3:20 with Maternal Fetal Medicine, she let me come home with strict instuctions to make sure I didn't leave their office this afternoon until they talked to her. Had I not had this appointment already scheduled, Dr. Brazus said she would have been doing blood work on me and all kinds of fun tests this morning.

If there's no update to this blog this evening, you'll know where I am....