Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Still going strong!

Yeah! Another perfect 8 out of 8. The ultrasound tech, Julie (love her!) said this is the best and most active she's seen the baby. She also said the baby is VERY photogenic. VERY important quality in a baby. Dr. Hiett came in, was pleased and sent us on our way, but not until after indicating that he was a bit surprised I hadn't delivered by now and complimenting me on my "very tough cervix." Why, thank you. I try.

They scheduled another BPP ultrasound for next week. Forgetting my schedule and that I'm in a conference all day Wed and Thurs, I had to call back to reschedule. It's now rescheduled for Tuesday afternoon instead of Wednesday, and the only downfall with that is that I'll have to drive all the way to Women's. I really wanted my appt to be at the fancy new Fisher's building, not because of the closer proximity, not because it's a fancy new building, but because they are opening a BRAND NEW OLIVE GARDEN right next door. Dang it.

Received a bunch of information in the mail today from the fetal care coordinator (Rosie) at Women's Hospital with lots of helpful info on the NICU, visitation, rules, etc. She had already told us a lot of the stuff when we went to tour. The written information seemed a bit more strict, which is okay. I like a strict NICU. Some of the differences, for example: I was under the impression that as long as a visiting child had a copy of their immunizations, they could visit, but the paperwork makes it sound as though only siblings can visit. Which isn't all bad. I thought that you could use a cell phone in the NICU, but the paperwork says phones must be off, not even on vibrate. Jason reminded me though that at Riverview, we weren't technically supposed to use cell phones either but the nurses gave us the okay. Guess we'll see when we get there. When we've actually experienced a bit of time in the NICU, I'll post any guidelines, rules that you guys may need to know in case you want to visit at the hospital. (I'll be there for almost a month probably--hope I get some company, hint, hint.)


  1. I know! How excited am I that the Olive Garden is there?!?! That I can WALK to it if I want?!!?
    SO SO excited! :)

  2. Ditto on Olive Garden!!! Ask my family or neighbors, every time a building is going up, I say "Olive Garden????" No, it's always a bank. As exciting as Fishers is, Westfield would be splendid and I have the perfect corner picked out.