Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Back Home Again

Went to the Maternal Fetal Medicine appointment this afternoon. They first did the biophysical profile which was fine. Then, after explaining to 3 different people this mornings events and that I was not leaving until a doctor spoke with Dr. Brazus, they took me to another room to do the preeclampsia check. No protein and the blood pressure was better. 130 something over 90 something. Dr. Conover, who I have not yet met, talked to Dr. Brazus and they decided to send me back home. I am to call Dr. Brazus in the morning which the nurse thinks is for another protein check. I think it's interesting that every other time I've ever been to MFM, a doctor has come in to talk to me, but this time, with this different doctor, he didn't. Not impressed.

I was given the okay to go to the conference tomorrow for work, but will call Dr. B during one of the morning breaks. More tomorrow...

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