Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Another 6. Crap.

We scored another 6 this morning. She would show the breathing movement for quick moments, but not for a continuous 30 seconds that the test requires. Little stinker. So the doctor came in and talked to us for a little bit. He said he wasn't terribly concerned, that when a baby has Down's and therefore develops a bit differently, her brain may just be sending messages to the rest of her body a bit differently. Because of that, he can't say for certain that everything is okay, but he's not terribly worried about it. He wanted us to do another scan (which, if I remember correctly, the technical term is a biophysical profile) tomorrow and scheduled it in the afternoon at 2:40 so I could eat a big meal first and maybe it would just be a more active time of day for the baby. Poor Jason. He's got to be pooped since it's like the middle of the night for a guy who works midnights.

Then, strangely, when we got home and walked in the door, the telephone was ringing. It was the receptionist at Maternal Fetal Medicine asking if we could come in today at 2:15 instead of waiting until tomorrow. Hmmmmm. She couldn't really give me a reason why other than to say it might save me a trip tomorrow. It all seems a bit vague and I don't know if the doctor saw something after we left or had second thoughts. I just don't know. I'm really not worried. In my mind I figure, worst case scenario, they send me to the hospital and I deliver a tiny baby today. That wouldn't be so bad. Not ideal, but definitely not so bad. Wish I could post her ultrasound pics--she's darn cute.

So the hospital bag is packed just in case. I figure if I don't have it, I'll need it. If I have it with me, I won't need it. Still thinking "8"! And what to eat for my big lunch before we go back.

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