Tuesday, June 16, 2009

10 weeks old

Alexis had her first outing today--to the pediatrician. The pediatrician (Dr. M.) is in Fishers Pediatrics, where the boys go, but it's a different doctor because the boys pediatrician is part time and I thought Alexis should have a doctor who is around Monday-Friday. Dr. M is great and she was the doctor to a lot of my special needs kids when I worked in case management. Alexis is up to 7 lbs 1 oz. YEAH! I was so worried that she wouldn't have put on weight and would have beat myself up if she hadn't (even though I can rationalize that it's her medical conditions that make it harder for her to gain weight and not me, I would still have beat myself up over it. It's just what some mom's do.) The doctor asked a lot of questions and thought she looked really good. The nurse had to do a blood draw and I warned the dr. and nurse that she's a "hard stick" and how much difficulty the nurses at the NICU had getting blood out of her. I don't think they realized how true it was until they had to squeeze blood out of her foot for about 20 minutes to get the small amount needed to be tested. Alexis never made a peep. She just sucked on her pacifier until about half way through when she finally fell asleep. The nurse was so impressed at how good Alexis was. She was also apologetic to me that I had to witness such a long blood draw. I reassured her that after the last ten weeks, a blood draw is nothing to witness. We go back to the pediatrician next Tuesday.

Blake and Nicholas have been a bit, uh, curious about the "differences" between Lexi and themselves and the "parts" they have. A lot of you may have already heard the story of the first time Nick and Blake came to the hospital. Blake saw Lexi's large outie belly button (due to an ambilical hernia) and asked, "Why does her penis look like that?"

There have also been a lot of questions about my nursing. Blake has asked about it several times and Nicholas wants to know why I have milk in my stomach. Blake told me today, "I like breast-ez."

So far, my favorite comment came from Blake just this morning. The boys have helped me change Lexi's diapers several times now, peeling off the tape and throwing the dirty diaper away. Today, Blake looked at Lexi's, um, girl parts, pointed at it and said, "that's supposed to be in the back of her, not the front." Yes, apparently my daughter has her butt in the front. Out of the mouths of babes...

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