Friday, June 12, 2009

I think it's actually gonna happen!

Her weight this evening was exactly the same as it was yesterday. It wasn't up like we hope for, but it wasn't down either. And since there was not a significant weight loss, we're a go.

So before I left tonight I cleaned out her room. Took down the pictures, packed up her clothes, threw out the old magazines. The room is pretty bare. It looks really strange. We've lived in this room (or at least on this unit) for the past 66 days. I had to say goodbye to Lexi's two primary night shift nurses. Thank goodness everyone has given me e-mail addresses or phone numbers to keep in touch. They've been so good to us, and as cliche as it sounds, they are family to me. The timing is really good in that both night shift nurses were there tonight and all three of our day shift nurses are working tomorrow, so we'll get to see everyone before we go home. The only downer is that both Dr. P and Dr. A are both off tomorrow.

Never thought leaving the hospital would be so bittersweet...

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