Thursday, June 4, 2009

I need ideas!

Alexis's feedings were increased today to 50mL. She is still on the continuous feed at night, but the time has been condensed by a couple of hours. Dr. A recalculated and now Alexis has to get up to 58 mL, not 50 like she originally thought, so in two days, Alexis will be up to 55, then maybe 58 two days later. So there will be no discharge over the weekend. That's fine. After this long, what's a few more days? And it would be nice to wait simply because Dr. P will be back on Monday, nurse J on Tuesday, and nurse D on Wednesday. Alexis was down a few more grams tonight, but nothing significant. She had a big poop, and that's all it takes.

Does anyone have any ideas for appreciation gifts for nurses? I will be taking in something for all the nurses to share in their breakroom (like bagels or a cake or something) but I'd like to give something more personal to our 5 associate nurses. With there being 5, it can't be terribly expensive. And I don't want some silly "Nurses call the SHOTS!" knicknack that they probably have thousands of. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Gripe du jour: How can you really tell how a paint color will look on your wall when a paint sample is about one lousy square inch? (I never said the daily gripe would always be NICU related.)

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  1. if you're really concerned about a paint color sometimes they will mix up a sample for you. you might have to pay a few bucks for it but it will allow you to paint a larger square on your wall to stare at until you decide :)

    and as far as nurse gifts try this link: