Monday, June 15, 2009

So far, so good

I've been making all the necessary follow-up appointments today. I'm glad I compared the discharge summary to the paperwork I'd received in the mail from the various doctors. I discovered that we were scheduled twice with the genetics center, so I called to cancel one of those. Noticed the discharge summary said that Lexi's appointment with the pediatric surgeon stated our appt was in July when the paperwork his office mailed said August, so I called to clarify (the discharge paperwork was wrong). Then called the cardiologist to confirm Lexi's appointment there next week. I've called the pediatrician--they need to see her this week. They will call me back with an appointment time (the pediatrician likes a longer appointment for NICU graduates). Looks like the pediatric appointment will be our first official outing. I'd rather the outing be to someplace exciting--like Target (really, does it get any better than Target?) but still a bit paranoid about taking her where lots of germy people are hanging out.
She's doing great at home. She eats well, pees well, sleeps well...but I'm really nervous that she won't have put on enough weight when we go to the pediatrician. At least she seems happy. I love that she's smiling more often. The boys like having her home--and having mommy home. Dr. A called (she wasn't working when we discharged from the hospital and didn't know we were scheduled to leave on Friday) to tell us how much she enjoyed working with Alexis and to wish us well. We also received a call this morning from the pediatric surgeon's office to see how things were going so far. I love that in August there is a NICU reunion for all former patients to see nurses and doctors at a picnic. If Alexis isn't having surgery then, we'll get to see several of our nurses and doctors then.

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  1. Did you ever come up with an appropriate gift to give the nurses? That's a tough one! I can only relate to teachers and they eat anything. They'll even work extra hours for a sweat treat. :-)