Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

It seems only fitting that on Father's Day, I should write about my husband. I have a lot of people ask me how Jason has "coped" with all that Alexis has been through. Jason is my rock.

I'm sure most women, when contemplating marriage, know they want to marry a man who will be a good father. I was no exception. And Jason is a fantastic father. What a joy it is to see my husband with our 2 boys. He genuinely loves spending time with them, whether it's taking them out on the boat, on a bike ride, or putting them in the bathtub. He makes my job as a mom easy. Anytime Jason is home when the boys get out of bed in the morning, he will get up with them and allow me to sleep in. He will sacrifice his own sleep if it means he can help me get them to preschool, or a doctor's appointment, or help with any sort of scheduling conflict (when working nights, he would rarely sleep more than 4 or 5 hours).

When we found out about Alexis's diagnosis of T21, Jason acted surprised, but never angry, sad, grief-stricken. I'm sure there were some of those feelings inside, but those of you that know him, know that he's not one to show a lot of emotion. The last trimester of my pregnancy was miserable in terms of my physical pain and discomfort. Jason cared for those boys just about every moment that he wasn't working or sleeping.

The timing of Jason's lay-off has been great. He's been available to continue to care for the boys full time while I tend to Alexis. But you should see him with his daughter. I love watching him hold her, feed her, care for her. There is nothing like watching your big, strong husband hold your tiny, frail daughter. I love that she has his blue eyes and dimples. She's definitely going to be Daddy's girl. During all the emotional times for me during the pregnancy and the hospitalization, Jason has been the strong, silent supporter. When I'm having an emotional breakdown, he is supportive in the exact way I need him to be. He doesn't have to say anything, doesn't have to do anything, he's just there, quietly, with his arms around me, loving me. And for Jason I am eternally grateful.

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