Friday, June 12, 2009

Alexis is at HOME!!!!!

Ahhhhhhh. Finally. Day 67. Jason and Mom and I went to the hospital this morning around 10:30. Nurse D was waiting for us. Saw nurse J who gave Alexis her first swimsuit (Daddy was pleased!) and got to see several of our other favorite nurses. Dr. M did a final check on her and they sent us on our way. We got home around noon.

The boys are still in Kokomo. They don't know anything about Alexis coming home. I asked Jim and Connie not to say anything since you never know when plans will change and I wanted to see their reactions myself. I can't wait untill they get home. When they get home, I can finally feel like I have 3 children, not 2 children here and 1 child there. I think maybe I've felt like my children were divorced but without any animosity. I had custody of my boys in the mornings and custody of Alexis in the afternoons. Evening custody was 50/50. And tonight we can all be a family together.

The doctors have suggested not taking Alexis out to anyplace crowded, not that I have plans to go anywhere anyway. They also have suggested limiting the number of visitors she receives. So while I can't wait for everyone to see Alexis, we're going to lay low for a week or so (I reserve the right to change this time frame), and keep the visitors limited to grandparents only right now. I'm also feeling hyper-protective, so forgive me if I act a bit anal and obsessive about things for a while. She's lived in a very sterile, protective environment for over 2 months and now her tiny body is going to be subject to a whole new set of germs.

Time to go clean something.


  1. congrats on bringing your little girl home!!!

  2. I love you!!!! Your call made my day. I've been wanting to scream "Thank you God" out the front door.

  3. whoo hoo! wanted to stop in here and say how exciting this is!