Saturday, September 26, 2009

Did someone say "home"?

I was greeted this morning by BIG Lexi smiles. My happy baby is BACK!

The cardiac surgeon came in and said that if she continues to eat well and is still without oxygen tomorrow, he saw no reason why she couldn't go home. Then, after he left I realized that he thought she was currently without oxygen because he was looking at the wrong oxygen tube, when she actually is still on a quarter liter. The nurse tried to turn off the oxygen again a while later but her sats dropped and we had to turn it back on.

Even if they can turn off the oxygen tomorrow with success, it wouldn't surprise me if they'd say, "let's wait another 24 hours to make sure she does okay". I'm totally guessing here, but I'm not holding my breath for a discharge tomorrow. I told the nurses that I prefer to be overly cautious. If they think they should wait until Monday, or even Tuesday, it would be okay by me.

I was so pleased that Lexi's pediatric surgeon from when she had her duodenal atresia surgery in the NICU stopped by. He was on the unit visiting another patient, happened to see us (one of the benefits of being located right across from the nurses station) and he came in for a visit. Such a nice man! He oooohed and aaaahed and asked about her and looked at her new scar and the old scar. He didn't have to stop by. What a good guy. It's a big loss for St. Vincent Hospital that he's moving to Colorado.

I don't think I'd updated about Mom's status, so here goes. The cancer is back already. She went in for her 3 month follow up and already there were 3 tiny tumors. Luckily, as well as the last surgery went and as quickly as she healed up, they've decided this time to do the surgery as an outpatient which thrills her. (Is it possible to be "thrilled" regarding having surgery??) So please add Mom and Dad to your prayer lists.

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