Sunday, September 20, 2009


My mind is pretty much consumed with Alexis's surgery this week: what questions I need to ask at the pre-op appointment tomorrow, what I need to pack for the boys when they go to Paula's house on Monday night, what I need to remember to pack for the hospital for Alexis, what I need to have ready for the boys this week...

I've heard a lot of people say what a wonderful place the Peyton Manning Children's Hospital is, and I know it to be true. But what I wouldn't give to be able to return to the NICU where I already know almost everyone. I miss my NICU family. It's a strange thing when you go from spending all your time with these people who you get to know so well and then suddenly all contact stops. It's kind of sad even. I sent an e-mail out to our former doctor and nurses to let them know of Lexi's surgery. Hopefully I will hear back from them.

On the plus side of going to the Children's Hospital instead of the NICU: there will be a tv in the room, a telephone in the room, I can eat in the room...still no cellphones, but I'll probably sneak a text or two from time to time. Unfortunately, since I quit my job at CICOA, I had to give back my laptop. So the updates won't be as frequent unless I can convince Jason to buy me a laptop tomorrow.

Tomorrow is our pre-op appointment. Jason's folks will be here to pick up the boys from school and watch them while we're gone. Mom and Dad will come in tomorrow also. The boys will go to Paula and Ron's on Monday night so that the grandparents can be at the hospital for Tuesday morning's surgery. Then Mom will be at our house for as long as we need her to be with the boys. I have the best Mom. We are so lucky to have such loving and available family to help out. And we have wonderful friends, too. So many friends have called to offer to do stuff for us while Alexis is in the hospital. We are blessed.

Thank you for your prayers and thoughts this week while Alexis goes through this surgery and heals. I'll keep you as updated as possible. We know that Alexis is a tough little cookie and she will be just fine. God is good.


  1. She is such a doll! And yes, you've got a strong little girl there-God will take good care of her!

  2. thoughts and prayers will continue through the day tomorrow and look forward to an update...I will let DSI know you will be there ;)