Friday, September 25, 2009

Movin' on up...

When I arrived at the hospital this morning, Alexis was down to one IV and was starting to wake up. The nurse said she hadn't had any pain meds since 4 a.m. and was doing well. She seemed relatively content and didn't have any pain meds until about noon. The atelectasis is clearing up but she still requires a small amount of oxygen through her nasal canula. The cardiologist says that her heart sounds great and he removed her drainage tube. Yeah! She has been eating well and they finally moved her off the PICU to the third floor pediatric unit!

The pediatric unit is great. It's brighter, happier, and bit noisier. It's not nearly as depressing as the PICU. And we are located right across the hall from the nurses station. Alexis has been alert yet has napped well. She's currently jabbering away and even smiled a while ago.

Happy baby=happy mommy.

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  1. Wonderful news, sounds like she is recovering great!!