Wednesday, September 23, 2009

PICU: Day 2

Wow. When they warned me that the couch in the room was uncomfortable to sleep on, they knew what they were talking about. Ugh. I was up about every half hour and finally at 4:30 gave up and got up. I should have just tried sleeping standing up. I might have been more successful. And the couch was made for short people. I had to turn at an angle just so I could hang my feet off the end. Okay, maybe not just my feet. If I angled just right I fit on the couch from about the middle of my head to my shins. Me Amazon Woman. Humph.

So Alexis is doing well: not great, not fair. Good. She slept well last night as long as she had Ativan in her system. One test they did indicated decreased hemoglobin so she required a blood transfusion which helped her right away. It wasn't surprising to me after seeing all the blood draining out of her little body through her tube.

She slept most of the day. When she would get restless they would either give her Ativan or Morphine and both seemed to help. A chest x-ray revealed atelectasis--a partially collapsed lung. Not a huge worry (she had this when she was in the NICU) because it will hopefully take care of itself. But to help out her lung and her breathing they wanted her more alert and more upright. It's a fine line. You want her medicated to dull the pain, but you don't want her too sedated because she'll breath better if she's awake.

She ate for the first time today. I gave her some of my Dunkin Donuts. She really likes the jelly filled donut holes.

Just kidding. Can you tell what I'm craving? But seriously, I was able to give her some clear liquids (pedialyte) and they will see how she tolerates that before starting her on formula. She had almost an ounce this morning with no problems. About 5 p.m. she woke up and was more alert than she'd been since her surgery. She was a bit fussy, but not terribly so. I gave her more fluids and she had almost an ounce and a half of a non-fat carmel latte.

It was really nice seeing a couple NICU people today. I got to see the NICU First Steps Coordinater and then one of our favorite NICU nurses stopped by.

There is a possibility of Alexis being moved to the pediatric unit tomorrow if things go well. Although between the lung issue and having a slightly elevated temperature (which went back down after a dose of tylenol), we'll just wait and see. She did get one of her 3 iv's out today and might have the drainage tube removed tomorrow. I was glad they changed her wound dressing today so she wasn't so bloody. The incision looked pretty impressive.

Jason and I got back home tonight in time to see the boys before they went to bed. They seem to be having no concerns regarding all that's going on. They are glad to know Alexis is okay, but I think they like all the attention of their grandparents, going out to eat at almost every meal, and getting to spend the night at Aunt Paula's.

Time to go to bed now. I'll head back to the hospital tomorrow after I put Nicky on the bus. This time I'm certain I won't have to work too hard to fall asleep. I'll just count donut holes...

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