Thursday, April 2, 2009


So I was just looking at my blog and realized that the post I wrote on Tuesday afternoon was still in draft form and didn't post. Oops. Hope you all didn't think I was out birthin' some baby. Don't know what happened to the post, but now you know I came back home.

I went to my conference yesterday and called Dr. Brazus during the first break, as instructed, even though I wasn't sure why (assumed it was to do another pre-eclampsia check). Got a message from her nurse Kim saying Brazus was out on Wednesdays and so she'd talk to her and call me back Thursday.

As I sat in my conference on Wednesday afternoon, I started having contractions. Nothing unusual--I'm sure they were more of the Braxton Hicks contractions that I've been having for months, but there were more than usual. 9 within an hour to be exact. So even though I knew it wasn't the real thing, I had been told to check in if I ever had more than 6 in an hour. And even though I wasn't concerned, I didn't know if that might be some sign of preeclampsia. So I called MFM at 4 p.m., selected the option to talk to a dr and got a voice mail for some administrative assistant. Left her a message and have never received a call back. The contractions have since diminished (they had by last evening acutally) but REALLY glad I wasn't having an emergency of some sort. I'll be sure to clarify at my next appointment, who to leave a message for if I need to call in again.

I also have never received a call back from Dr. Brazus's office. I was back in my conference again today and when I left at 2:30, I called again and left another message for Kim. It's really not like her to not call me back. Hmmmmm. Thank goodness I'm feeling fine, have felt the baby move plenty today, etc. I think I'll probably let it go and just have Paula take my bp from time to time. I have another appt scheduled for Tuesday at St. Vincent Carmel--another BPP and another check up with Dr. Brazus Tuesday morning.

A lot of people have been asking for updates on a name we have selected. For the record: We don't have one yet. Really. We're not holding out on you. We really don't have a name. I swear. With Nicholas and Blake, we went to the hospital with 3 names picked out and waited until we saw the baby to select one of them. Right now I have a list of about 6 or 7 names that Jason hasn't totally vetoed. I'm hoping he'll go with one of the those once the baby comes. He's only given me 2 names, both of which I vetoed.

Nothing else to report for now. As of today I'm officially done with work. April is officially here. I'm ready to get this baby OUT!

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