Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Alexis, meet your brothers!

Alexis didn't get to start eating today like we'd hoped. The tube that had the suction turned off and was just using gravity to drain her stomach had to get turned back on. Not a big concern, but there was so much draining out, they turned in back on. Because that tube is still in, she can't start taking breast milk. The neonatologist did have her taken off the nasal canula, so no more tubing under her nose. The dr. is a bit concerned about the increasing jaundice and the abnormal CBC count and had some blood work ordered. She also ordered an ultrasound to check out the bump on her head. Her weight is down to 5 lbs, 3 oz. The nurse didn't seem too surprised by this simply because Lexi isn't eating yet.

Jason and I met with the intake person from First Steps today. She just got some basic information and explained the program. It's always funny to tell social workers that I work for CICOA because they all have the same reaction: "oh, well you probably already know about most of this stuff."

The ultrasound didn't clarify what the bump on her head was, but confirmed that her brain looks fine. The doctor had ordered a blood test which the nurse first attempted to collect by pricking her heel. Twice. When that didn't work, they attempted to collect the blood by inserting a needle in her vein. After 5 (yes, 5!) attempts by 4 different nurses, they finally got the vein and collected the blood. My poor baby...

The best part of the day was that Nicholas and Blake finally got to meet their sister. Mom and Paula and Blake picked Nick up from preschool, stopped and got McDonald's and brought it to the hospital to eat. After lunch, Lexi's nurse B helped them put on gowns, wash hands, and we all went back to see Lexi. The boys were so good. They enjoyed rubbing her head and trying to get her to hold their fingers. (She slept through the whole thing.) Nicholas had picked out a purple monster truck for her and tried to show her the present he got her. The boys were thrilled to see that Lexi had bought them presents too. Wow, what a sweet and thoughtful girl! Wonder when she found the time? The funniest thing of the day is when Blake noticed her belly button, which is quite big from the ambilical hernia and still has some dried blood on the end. Blake asked, "why does her penis look like that?"

I got really choked up today when I was finishing up changing Lexi's diaper and saw a family standing off to the side waiting to talk to me. It was an elderly couple and their adult son. The woman came over and handed me a pink blanket and a pink knit teddy bear and said, "we wanted to give this to you in memory of our granddaughter who died a year ago. Her name was Alexis."
Started my high blood pressure medicine today. Can't imagine why my b/p would be up...


  1. you've done it!!! I am crying as I write this. Satisfied?

  2. What a sweet gesture by that couple!
    Alexis is such a blessing...thanks for letting me share yesterday with your family!

  3. Oh my that is so sweet! Thanks for the uplift! :)

  4. laughed at the penis comment, kinda choked up at the grandmother/blanket comment.