Friday, April 10, 2009

First full day of recovery

I had just started to notice that no one who works in the NICU overstates how well a patient is doing. They don't just drop words like "great" or "terrific". When they would tell me how Lexi was doing, they would uses words like "fine" and "okay". So you can imagine my delight when the neonatologist, Dr. M, walked up to me this morning and said, "She's doing really well--she's doing amazingly well". YEAH LEX!!! Such a proud mommy am I! Dr. M said that they would keep her on her pain med today and not change much of anything. Tomorrow they will start to ween her and see how she does and if everything continues to go well, they may remove the vent in 2 days. Hallelujah!

She looked really good today, really tired. She appeared a little less jaundiced than yesterday. I was thrilled when they let me hold her this afternoon for a while. She slept the whole time despite my attempts to wake her. Of course the minute they took her back to place in her bassinet and Jason went to change her diaper, she woke. She looked very groggy, but kept her eyes open for a while. Hopefully she'll be a bit more alert tomorrow, although there is some relief to seeing her so groggy as she doesn't appear to be in any sort of pain.

2 different chaplains stopped by to visit us today. I also ran into the genetic counselor in the cafeteria and caught up with her. She's the one who had the awful job of calling us to deliver the news of the trisomy 21. We saw 3 people we knew in the cafeteria. Wonder how many we'll know in another 3 weeks...

It was awful leaving Alexis to go home, but great to see my boys. They had finally asked about me today. Glad to know they noticed I was gone--5 days later.

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