Monday, April 27, 2009

I'm too tired to come up with a clever title for this post...

We had our first step backwards, which luckily really isn't all that bad. Lexi is back on a nasal cannula (oxygen tubing under her nose). Her stats were dropping 2 nights ago, but she didn't seem in any discomfort or distress. We think she may just sleep so soundly, that she doesn't breathe the same. She's still on the oxygen now and we don't have any idea how long she'll be on it.

Alexis is getting the maximum amount of breast milk through her tube feeding. She nurses twice a day, continues to have no problems latching on, but great difficulty staying awake. Today she also got to start taking a bottle twice a day--only 10 mL (a third of an ounce). The first bottle she got she only took 3 mL and that was over the course of an hour. Then tonight we tried again and she chugged the whole thing in a matter of seconds. Lexi had lost a bit of weight over the past 2 days (to be expected d/t trying to feed her by mouth) but today her weight has increased again. She's now weighing 6 lbs, 4 oz.

Alexis also had her PICC line taken out today. Yeah!!! Another free extremity.

I tried talking to the doctor today about how long Alexis will be in the NICU. Again, no one wants to speculate, but the doctor said something like, "it may take a couple more weeks, it may take a month." Hard to hear. Tuesday she will have been there for 3 weeks. I'd love for her to be home in time for Dad's birthday when the whole family will be here (May 15) but don't want to get my hopes up.

Tomorrow and Tuesday I won't get to the hospital as early as usual. The boys have their preschool field trips to the zoo (Nicholas on Monday, Blake on Tuesday). It will be nice to have some one on one time with both of them. Hope my fat feet can hold up. I go back to the doctor a week from Friday. Hopefully she'll give me something for my swelling since the high blood pressure medication didn't do anything. It's sandal weather and my feet are bustin' out!!

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