Friday, April 17, 2009

Tube-free!!! (for 3 whole minutes!)

Alexis says, "Ahhhh, the tube is out!!!"
Alexis's tube-free face (with adhesive still stuck to her chin).

And then the feeding tube was put in. It was nice while it lasted...

I had a hard time this morning seeing the boys drive off with Mom to go to Elkhart for the weekend. I'm usually so glad to get a break, but the guilt of not spending enough time with them has set in. And as happy as they were to go, I can sense, especially with Nicholas, that they miss having as much time with me.

When I got to the hospital today, I was excited to see that Alexis no longer has the IV in her left hand. Yeah!!! Both hands are free!!! And then, moments later, the nurse came in to take out the repogle (the tube in her mouth that drains out her stomach). She had no tubes on her face for a whole 3 minutes! The nurse then placed a smaller tube in her mouth to start feedings of breast milk. Now we watch and hope that it stays down and is properly digested. Nothing has come back up yet and she has pooped since the feeding started. Good signs. I really think this kid is gonna defy all odds. And her weight is up to 5 lbs, 6 oz.

With the boys not being home, at least I am able to stay at the hospital later. I figure I stay up until all hours at night checking facebook and updating the blog and downloading pictures--might as well do it at the hospital instead of doing it at home (they don't allow cell phones on the NICU, but laptops are okay). I need to find something to decorate this drab and sterile room. And now we can put real clothes on her since she is IV free (still can't cover the legs and feet due to wires and the PICC line, but tops and onesies are okay). They found a cute little top in the supply room and put it on her, but it's a size 3 month and she absoltely swims in it. Gotta stop by Walmart for something to hang on the walls and for some newborn sized pink onesies. Ahh, finally, pink onesies...

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  1. Oh my goodness, what a sweetheart. The boys are going to be just fine. Don't worry, well, of course you'll worry, but do not feel guilty. They have so much love all around them. When she gets home, they'll SO be taking care of her.