Monday, April 13, 2009


When we arrived in the NICU this morning, Alexis was more alert than I'd seen her. Unfortunately, she was pretty easily agitated too. We were glad to see her oxygen concentration was way down from yesterday and the neonatologist said that there were still some areas of her lung that were collapsed. But they still planned on taking her off the vent today.

I was also surprised to hear she had several dirty diapers throughout the night and I probably changed 5 wet diapers today during the day. We had been told that they may not hear any bowel sounds for 10-14 days, but already today they have heard them. Great sign!

So after lunch, nurse and respiratory therapist took Lexi off the vent. And she's doing fabulous! She remained alert and seemed comfortable. The nurse gave her a bath and then Jason and I were both allowed to hold her for quite a while. A perfect day...

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