Monday, April 20, 2009

"She's a star!"

We had another new neonatologist today--Dr. P. Really nice guy. He too is impressed by Lexi's progress. Her feedings were again increased while the TPN (nutrition) and lipids were decreased.

Dr. P said that Lexi's white blood cell count was up again and they don't know why. He will talk to the infectious disease doc for his input. One thing that Dr. P mentioned was that something they always have to consider, especially because is can be more prevalent with Downs, is leukemia. Hearing the word come out of a doctor's mouth when he's talking about your child, can really put your mind in a tailspin. But by no means do they think she has leukemia. Other counts that can be a sign of infection or trouble are okay. It's just something they have to consider. I won't be losing sleep over this, but now it'll always be in the back of my mind now. Because the increased white blood cell count can be a sign of infection, it's possible they will put Lexi on an antibiotic just as a precautionary measure, but they are glad to see that she looks good, seems comfortable. As Dr. P so nicely put it, "She's a star." Yes, she is.


  1. Dr. Belcher really helped us through Cassidy's illness a few yrs back. I felt he was very thorough. Cassidy had issues with his name!

  2. thinking of you all...if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask the parents on the DSI loop as many have been through these same issues- you are not alone :)

  3. Kendra~ so glad to hear she is doing so well! I hope you are taking care of yourself! Chat soon!