Saturday, April 11, 2009

Lexi: Day 5

Today they started weaning Lexi from her pain meds, but she still slept the whole time we were at the hospital. The nurse told us that this morning her right lung sounded a bit diminished and so they did an x-ray to check the placement of the vent. The vent was fine, but the lung wasn't as inflated as it should be. So they increased her oxygen and repositioned her. This wasn't something causing them great concern and often fixes itself. I assumed that because of this all bets would be off regarding her coming off the vent tomorrow. Dr. M (neonatologist) said that sometimes this kind of thing can be caused by the vent and so there is still a possibility of coming off the vent. But there was still some question because she needs to be more alert first. He said that tomorrow, with the pain meds being decreased again, she may be more alert, more feisty or agitated. We'll just wait and see.

She is still appearing a bit jaundiced to the doctors, but still not enough to put her under the lamp. I remember when Blake was hospitalized for jaundice and I was just devastated. Now, I just think, "what's the big deal?" Amazing how your perspective changes...


  1. I KNEW she was going to come when I was gone. Congratulations!!! She's just precious. Just got home tonight and will be in touch. Love ya! So happy for you. She looks like a tough little lady.

  2. Nash was jaundiced too, and no, it was a small detail in the big perspective eh?

    hopefully she will be off soon, and I will get a DSI giftcard up to you!