Friday, April 3, 2009

Frustrated, irritated, and my feet are fat

Finally got a call this morning from Dr. Brazus's nurse telling me to come in today at 2:30. I was glad to go in because I've had these sharp needle-like pains in my upper abdomen since last night. Quite painful, but on the plus side, it makes me not notice the back pain so much.

So I went to the doctor. I was up 4 more pounds since I was there 3 days ago. Blood pressure was around 145/93. She measured my stomach which should measure 37 cm, measured 42 cm on Tuesday and today was up to 44 cm. And I'm 4 cm dialated. Apparently none of this is concerning enough to do anything about it. I told Dr. Brazus that on Wednesday I'd had 9 contractions in an hour, left a message at MFM but never did receive a call back. Dr. B. told me that from now on I should call their office and they will contact MFM for me. She wants to start seeing me twice a week now. If my water breaks (there's gonna be a flood!) I am to NOT mess around and get to the hospital. She's afraid that much fluid could push out some of the cord or something. (MFM, by the way, called me today, not to return my call from Wednesday, but to reschedule my appt for next week. It's now on Wed at 12:45 instead of Tuesday afternoon.) I told her about the sharp pains in my stomach and she didn't have any thoughts on it. She asked what MFM said. Nothing. Dr. Brazus is a bit surprised that they have me scheduled to deliver at 39 weeks (standard for MFM) as if it were up to her, she'd deliver me at 38. She told me to err on the side of caution, call with any concerns. Wish it wasn't the weekend. Hate trying to get through to doctors on a weekend...

It's very frustrating. It's not that I feel something is wrong. I can still feel the baby move, she has a good heart rate. But I feel so miserable and it just seems like, what is the point in continuing to wait since I'm now full term? I start questioning myself with thoughts of, "should I be questioning the doctors more?", "should I be making more of a stink?" But I have to trust that they know what they're doing and ride this out. I can't let myself start doubting, questioning, and then drive myself crazy with worry.

Wish my pants fit.


  1. OH, don't have time, but bless you , sweety. It's gonna be OK.

  2. I love your writing style. I'm reading this really serious blog & then you say, "wish my pants fit." Cannot stop laughing, though I'm also praying things go well for you & your baby girl.