Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

After watching the boys find Easter eggs this morning, Jason and I headed to the hospital. First time in 36 years I haven't gone to church on Easter--so wrong!

When we walked in, we immediately noticed that Alexis's oxygen level was at 52. Much higher than I've ever seen it. According to the neonatologist, she has atelectasis (partial lung collapse). They had taken an x-ray to make sure the placement of the vent was okay (it was), increased her oxygen, and repositioned her. He still thought the vent should come out in the next 24 hours, but would like to see Lexi more alert and breathing more on her own before that happened. Her pain medicine had been decreased again today and according to her nurse B, she had been awake this morning before our arrival and seemed comfortable. Later that afternoon they took another x-ray and her lungs were definitely looking better but the neonatologist wants to wait until tomorrow to take her off the vent. Too soon and her lung could collapse. She may need to receive oxygen through a nasal canula once the vent is off, which would be okay, but if she's taken off the vent too soon, she may need a c-pap machine and that can cause additional problems. I'm so excited to see her off the vent, but scared to death at the same time.

Dr. M still thinks she looks a bit jaundiced and thinks it will probably get worse before it starts getting better. It's not bad enough to put her under a light and will probably improve when she starts eating real food, not that that will be any time soon.

We were probably at the hospital for about 6 hours before leaving and coming back to Paula's for Easter dinner. Happy Easter to all of you. It's the best Easter I've ever had!

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