Tuesday, May 5, 2009

4 weeks

Not too much is new. No signs of nurse nut-job lately. Alexis is still doing great. Starting tomorrow her feedings will be condensed to an hour and they will still take place every 3 hours. I can start her feeding hour by nursing and/or a bottle if she's alert. She continues to digest everything really well. The proof is in the pants...

The word "discharge" has come up a few times with the doctors. They still don't want to speculate, but from the bits I've heard, I'd guess maybe, if things continue to go well, maybe another 2 weeks. I refuse to get my hopes up. Neonatologists change each week and they all have different opinions.

I took Nicholas to register for Kindergarten today. How can I have a child old enough for Kindergarten. The day I have to put him on a bus and send him off without me is going to be a bad, bad day--for me I mean...

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