Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Day 50

Alexis now receives 5 bottles a day in addition to her continuous feed through the tube feeding. If she continues to tolerate the feedings well, she’ll be up to 6 bottles tomorrow and then two days later be up to 7 bottles and then 8. Once she receives 8 bottles a day they will then start increasing the volume. Right now the bottles contain 25mL. It would then increase to 30 and then 35 all the way up to 55mL. After that, I don’t know.

Jason continues to run daddy day care while I’m at the hospital. Mom has been allowed some time off to be in Elkhart and Paula’s busy preparing her pool for me—I mean my boys—I mean—oh, never mind.

The Durango is at the shop for something regarding the seats. Not sure what--I don’t even ask. So I’m driving the lovely mini van. I won’t call it by its real name. There are good Christian people who read this blog. For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure, it’s a lovely chipped gray, covered in rust. Or as Jason calls it, patina. But before I drove off this morning I was given explicit instructions: Don’t open the rear left window, and the gas gauge doesn’t work, so watch your mileage. Hopefully the cracked front window won’t be an issue. I’m a bit skittish since the time I was driving and the whole back window fell out, smashing to pieces on the 465 exit ramp. I’m happy to report I made it to and from the hospital safely. I didn’t even have to flick the turn signal back and forth to make it work. I get my Durango back Friday. Sigh.

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