Tuesday, May 12, 2009

IV # IV (that would be IV number 4)

And the IV is out again. So they stuck a new IV in her hand. At least this time, it wasn't Lexi's doing. The IV just went bad. It happens. If it could have just waited and gone bad on Tuesday, they wouldn't have had to put a new one in, but no. Had to go bad a day early. And it's so hard to find a vein on this poor child, they had to call in the queen bee of IVs. (I think the other nurses have IV NV (envy--ha!) ) And bless queen bee's heart--she got a vein first try and Alexis slept through the whole thing. Add queen bee to my rapidly growing list of doctor/nurse heroes.

Alexis got to have her first bottles today. Or, maybe I should call it the first bottles, round two. Lexi can now nurse or bottle feed (only 20 mL) twice a day. No problems there (that I've heard of anyway). I also asked the neonatologist about weaning Lexi from the nasal canula since her oxygen stats have looked pretty good to me lately (as if I'm a nurse and have any idea what I'm even talking about) and the doctor agreed to decrease the nasal canula to a 1/4 L of flow and if everything looks good for the next 2 days, she will try to d/c it. Let's hope. Maybe in 2 days we'll no longer have oxygen OR an IV. Ahhhh, the freedom!

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  1. Hi Kendra,
    Susan passed along your blog to me, since our daughter's have that little something extra in common! We have met a couple times, but it has been quite awhile. I think the last time we saw eachother was at Susan's wedding shower. Anyway, I have read some of your blog and it is quite entertaining. Lexi looks beautiful and you sound like a natural. It helps to have a couple other kiddos under your belt! If you ever have any questions about First Steps, Down Syndrome Indiana, or special needs "stuff", or just want to talk with someone who can relate, I would be happy to chat. My daughter, Olivia, turned 6 in January. We just had her big case conference for transition from developmental pre-school to kindergarten...aaagh!!! I was amazed I wasn't crying uncontrollably right there at the table!
    Congratulations on your beautiful daughter!
    Laura Graham