Saturday, May 9, 2009

Here we go again...

Yesterday Alexis was started back on continuous feeds. She gets a very minimal amount--only 3mL an hour. Today they upped it to 6mL per hour. Assuming everything continues to stay down, they'll continue to keep increasing the feeding by 3mL until she reaches the max which I believe is 18mL an hour. When she hits the max, they can stop the IV fluids. At 12mL per hour they'll add bottle/breast feeding twice a day.

Dr. B (the pediatric surgeon) stopped by to explain to me what had happened. Right now, as is common with babies who have had surgery for duodenal atresia, the duodenum is still too big and the downward valve is too small. It's like a funnel that's filled too quickly. Put too much liquid in too fast and it overflows. That's what was happening when Alexis started vomiting. Too much volume of feedings too quick. The only thing that makes it better is time, so they'll be more gradual this time with her feedings. Dr. P estimated another 3-4 weeks in the NICU. Crud.

Yesterday the occupational therapist stopped by to tell me she had seen Alexis earlier in the day. She said, "Alexis forgot to read the manual!" Huh? "Alexis didn't read the manual to learn that she is supposed to have low muscle tone." That's my girl. Too strong for her own good. I'm glad she didn't read that stupid manual! There's something to be said for illiteracy.

Unfortunately, along with Alexis's strength comes the ability to pull out her IV. It started in her hand. She pulled that one out 2 days ago. So they put an IV in her foot. She kicked that one out last night. Now the poor thing has an IV in her head. Not pretty to see. Maybe I'll put a bow on the IV to disguise it.

(Happy Birthday, Paula!!)

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  1. Happy Mother's Day Kendra! Your mothering skills are truly at work and next Mother's Day, you'll be looking at back this one saying "wow, things were crazy back then". You WILL get there.