Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My Little Porker

Since I see Alexis every day, I don't notice big changes in her unless I look back at old pictures. She's been hovering right around the 6 lb, 6 oz mark for a while, so they started adding formula to her breast milk for increased calories. Nurse J. walked in today after having been gone for a week and said, "Oh my gosh! She got fat!" The little moose shot up to 6 lbs, 9 oz almost overnight.

Dr. P. has ordered an x-ray for tomorrow morning just to see how things are looking and after that he will consult with the pediatric surgeons to see about increasing her feedings a bit more. Makes me nervous, but so ready to see some improvements and get my baby home!

I did have a discussion with Dr. P. yesterday, asking him about after Alexis is home, if she should have the significant vomiting episodes like she did when we had our big set back, at which hospital would she be treated. I know that the NICU we are in now is not an option, because it is only for babies right out of childbirth. He thought Riverview (here in Noblesville) would be able to handle it. Their doctors would contact the pediatric surgeons and hydrate her and restart feedings there, but would send her out to St. Vincent Pediatric Hospital should they feel it was more than they could handle. I wouldn't leave the NICU now to go to another hospital for anything, since it's such a comfort knowing Alexis is in such good hands. But oh, how nice it would be to drive 15 minutes to the hospital instead of 45.

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  1. Oink oink, Lexi! Have you tried cake batter, yet?? Hang in there, Kendra. It's around the corner, I can feel it. (I'm not talking about Bucky's) :-P