Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Day 43

Alexis is still doing well. No recent spit up episodes which is great. The doctors didn’t change anything over the weekend. They wanted to make sure they could handle the amounts of milk okay and she has. Today the neonatologist spoke to the pediatric surgeon and increased her feedings again. She’s at 19mL per hour continually through her feeding tube and still at 2 bottles or breast feeds a day, but if she bottle feeds, that amount is now increased to 25mL for each bottle. They’ve also fortified her breast milk by adding formula to increase her calories since she hasn’t put on enough weight. She is still weighing in at 6 lbs 6oz.

I would never be able to be a nurse. Not because of the 12 hour shifts or the emotional turmoil, but they have to do math in their heads. I was never too bad at math in school, but math in my head? Nope. I will say, I’ve learned quite a bit in terms of mathematical equivalents. 30mL equals one ounce. 1mL is the same as 1 gram. Maybe by knowing this, it will help with my culinary skills. If I cook for a smurf. (Vanity Smurf was always my favorite—wonder what that says about me?)

But my gripe du jour: military time. All the clocks on the NICU are in military time. Yes, thank you, I realize you just subtract 12. I get that. So why do I have so much trouble with 2100? I have to count on my finger, double check, look at my watch to make sure. Ridiculous. And by the way, saying “twenty hundred” just sounds stupid.

Time to get back to my People magazine—obsessed with the Jon and Kate drama. I spend a lot of time debating and discussing the latest rumors with the NICU nurses who have been passing around my People magazine with Kate on the cover. It’s just a matter of time before we see team Jon and team Kate t-shirts around. Not that anyone in their right mind would be on team Kate…

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