Thursday, May 7, 2009

You can call me Honey.

Dr. P called me this morning at 8:30. Last night Alexis started throwing up. They stopped the bolus feeds and returned her to continuous feeds, did an x-ray and some blood work. Dr. P said that when Alexis wasn't throwing up she seemed confortable, which is always a relief to hear.

When I showed up at the hospital at 10 a.m., I panicked. No, not because of Alexis. Nurse Nut-job was standing at our doorway. Imagine my relief when I saw Nurse D (our primary) coming toward me and realized she was our nurse today. Whew. Anyhoo, by the time I arrived at the hospital they had stopped Alexis's feedings altogether since she was continuing to vomit. They had also put an IV in her left hand to give her fluids. She had no temperature, the blood work came back showing no signs of infection, and she still seemed okay when not vomiting. She may have gotten some sort of virus, or maybe her body couldn't quite handle the amount of feedings she was getting. The doctors aren't sure.

Dr. P took me back to the room where all the doctor's access computers, films, etc. to show me Lexi's x-rays in an attempt to explain how her intestines were dilated (still not sure the point of it, but it was interesting to see anyway) and it was funny being in that room that I was obviously not supposed to be in. First, he announced to the other doctors in the room, "I'm bringing Mrs. Smith in here!" (more on that later) and then when we're in the room looking at the x-rays, I notice a sign on the wall that says, "I see stupid people." I kept my laughter to myself.

I got to witness Alexis throwing up multiple times in the morning and afternoon. Not pleasant. I won't gross you out with the details, but I will say that this girl can aim and fire! Poor Nurse D got hit, I just got a little splatter, but poor Alexis has been soaked, changed, and washed up so many times today, I feel bad for my mom who I'm putting on laundry duty (oh wait, that's right. She's already ON laundry duty. Good ole mom.)

Since Alexis kept throwing everything up, Dr. P contacted the pediatric surgeons and they agreed that she should have a repogle put in. This is the tube that drains all the gunk out of her stomach which she also had for the first week or so after her birth. Nurse D put in the tube and the container filled up almost immediately. Nasty stuff. But thank goodness it kept her from throwing up for the rest of the day. By this evening, Alexis seemed much more alert and content that she had looked all day. The nurse who had her last night when it all started had her again tonight and thought she looked much better. You can tell that Alexis is annoyed by the IV (she's already almost pulled it out) and the repogle tube in her mouth (she keeps licking at it and will occasionally gag). But she obviously feels better. Don't know how long the doctors will wait before letting her resume feedings.

Now, for my newest blog feature--my gripe of the day (or maybe I'll be fancy and call it the "gripe du jour":

Why do people at this hospital insist on calling me Mrs. Smith? Do I look older than them? Do I bake pies? Am I my mother-in-law? NO! Maybe they think they're being respectful, but STOP! Do NOT call my Mrs. Smith, do NOT call me ma'am. Call me Kendra, or miss, or babe, or chick. I will also accept Angelina or Halle (people confuse me with them all the time).


  1. Oh "Honey"........You are a hoot!!!

  2. I often call you gorgeous... Mrs. Smith? Never.

  3. Gotta say, I read the blog to see how you are all doing but boy are you entertaining! I crack up almost everytime I read it! I think you missed your calling and should have been a stand up comedian! (I worked in a club for 7 years and you are a lot funnier than the people we paid for laughs!) Maybe someday you should write a book~ you have a gift!

    Praying for that little one! I hope her tummy settles down, so hard to see our babies sick (esp when they are so tiny like Lexi!)

    As far as nurse nut job...Scary! I am glad most of your nurses are great! Hang in there, you'll be home before you know it!

  4. I have ALWAYS thought you should have been Angelina but NO ONE would listen to me!!!!!!

  5. Kendra, I love your sense of humor! Hope Lexi is better today.