Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Maybe knocking on laminate will suffice

I got back from having dinner with Jason and found Alexis sleeping in her own vomit. Lovely. I was cleaning her up when the nurse walked in. I hadn’t met this nurse before. I cleaned up Lexi and then she threw up again. Cleaned her up and—need I say it? Threw up again. Crap. The nurse taking care of the baby next door happened to walk in and I was glad to see it was the same nurse we had last week when Alexis had all the vomiting happen. So this nurse explained to Lexi’s nurse the events of last week. I was glad to see that this time (all you weak stomached people: skip this part and proceed to the next paragraph) this time the vomit was yellow, not the lovely bile and dried blood vomit of last time. But the nurse from last week said that this was how it started last time and then it changed to the nasty dark greenish brown. Crap.

It has been over an hour since her last vomiting episode, so I’m really hoping that maybe she’s done. I don’t know if she ever went this long last time or not. She has a little tiny splatter of puke on her shirt, but I’m not about to change her and test Murphy. Never considered myself a superstitious person, but I’m looking for some wood to knock on…

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  1. We'll just keep praying for Lexi! God is watching over her!